When I first found out we had to create and write a blog for the semester, I was worried about how it would turn out considering I have never written a blog, nor did I really think that I would be able to come up with enough topics regarding religious liberty. I have been surprised to find that this is not the case.

Thus far, I have structured my blog posts to discuss current events, while also trying to apply outcomes of court cases to the topics. Doing so has given me a better understanding of current events and the court cases, and has also helped me to consider topics more objectively without automatically forming an opinion about the subject. I have also enjoyed being able to present my ideas in a different format than a typical essay and I value being able to intertwine current events into what we talk and read about for the class.

I have stayed fairly consistent with how I structure each blog, however, some present more opinion than others, especially those regarding the Trump administration. I try to shy away from being overly opinionated and instead give both sides of the argument when I write these posts. I have tried to be less persuasive and more informational with the posts and I think for the most part I have succeeded in doing so.

If I had to pick a favorite post, it would probably be “The Johnson Amendment: Separation of Church and State or Encroachment on Free Exercise.” The subject was something I hadn’t even heard about until recently, so writing about it in the blog and discussing the arguments surrounding the amendment helped me to better understand it and cultivate an opinion on the issue.

Going forward, I hope that I can continue to discuss current events and apply case law to them. I also want to continue to balance facts with my tone and opinions.